My Story

Melissa Sakellariou, RD, CDN, NCSF-CPT


Growing up, I was exposed to a variety of foods and was fortunate to come from a family of food artists. Despite this, I fell prey to diet culture, disordered eating, and poor body image beginning in my teenage years and well into my adult years. I thought that food and exercise were things that I needed to tightly control to look a certain way and to be “healthy.” I didn’t trust my body to live without ridged and controlling food and exercise rules.

Over the course of my nutrition education and dietetics career, I came to realize that health is amazingly complex and that in actuality, deprivation, restriction and body shaming causes far more harm than good. I began to slowly let go of all the rules I had adhered to for so many years and to challenge the assumptions I had about health. As I did, I found a way of living that is balanced, sustainable, and best of all - Shameless!

In 2019, I started this exclusively online nutrition coaching practice to help others discover this food freedom for active lifestyles. I empower my clients to create the amazing life they've always deserved, where the mind, body, and spirit thrive because of the value they recognize within themselves.

Shameless Nutrition